Employment Services

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The Job Placement Services Program at WRC is a human resources solution for area businesses, creating partnerships between local business and WRC. This service is provided to those who have vocational barriers including but not limited to physical disabilities, mental health illnesses, cognitive impairment, and chronic underemployment. Our goal is to locate and match individuals with disabilities with current and future labor needs. This planned process begins with a review of initial referral information and an intake interview.

During job placement, employers are contacted and, if needed, accommodations are made to ensure a successful placement. Ongoing job support is provided for 90 days after placement and may include employer contact, training, and job coaching.

The advantages to the employer are numerous. When you hire a WRC consumer, you benefit from dependability and quality workmanship of an untapped labor pool, workers with vocational barriers.

  • Employment Specialist is available to assist with employment process
  • Employment Specialist is available to assist/coach if needed
  • Assistance may be provided to transport to work
  • Vocational Assessment is provided as needed
  • Evaluation is provided as needed
  • Employment Specialist provides Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) consultation for business to receive tax credit on employee wages

How Employers Can Take Advantage of Employment Services at NO CHARGE!

  1. Call WRC and ask for an Employment Specialist
  2. The Employment Specialist will ask about the work environment, job requirements, schedule, and skills required and any special instructions.
  3. The Employment Specialist will meet with the employer to discuss employment needs.
  4. The Employment Specialist will select those applicants that meet the employer’s
  5. An interview will be scheduled.
  6. Initial job coaching will be provided if needed.


    • I am interested in hiring someone with a developmental disability. But, what if I do not have the extra time needed to devote to this new person?
      Supported Employment exists to have a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and a worker with special needs. In order to ensure this, Supported Employment has a professional staff that is qualified to provide the necessary assistance and support.
    • Does my business have to pay Supported Employment extra money for its services?
      No. A worker with special needs is paid on the regular payroll. There are no additional costs to you for the support services provided to the disabled employee.
    • How often will the Supported Employment professional staff monitor a worker?
      This can be done on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis depending on the needs of the individual.
    • What personal rewards do employees gain?
      Supported Employment workers experience a tremendous amount of pride and personal satisfaction by contributing to and working in society. We have been able to witness personal growth and development in employees upon getting their jobs.
    • How many hours do employees work and what benefits are they eligible for?
      An employee in the Supported Employment Program works part-time, 27.5 hrs/week, for 52-weeks each year. In most cases, a worker is offered a benefits package which includes vacation, sick, and personal days in accordance with the benefits of eligibility of any part-time employee.
  • What is a job coach?
    A Job Coach is an employment training specialist who works with people who have disabilities. Job Coaches specialize in helping workers with disabilities perform the tasks of their jobs successfully. This includes providing intensive monitoring, training, assessment, and support to workers with special needs and facilitating healthy working relationships between management and co-workers.

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